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    HELP! I STILL can't get off this crazy list!
    Occasionally our subscribers find that in spite of using the above unsubscribe module, they are still receiving list mail. This is usually because they are subscribed under a different address than the one they are trying to unsubscribe. Often you can determine which address is receiving mail based upon the "headers" (info at the top of your list mail) but sometimes you cannot tell.

    If you find that you continue to receive list mail after using the "unsubscribe all mailrings" option above, please try to remember any additional or alternate addresses you use that you may have subscribed and forgotten about. Use the form above to unsubscribe these addresses as well.

    If you have unsubscribed every address you think could possibly point to you, then it's time to write to us at feedback@teachers.net and ask for help. Forward to us one complete copy of any list mail you receive, and we'll make sure that that address is removed from all Teachers.Net Mailrings. :o)