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    Posted by: Ideas.. on 5/27/13
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    Offer sincere and specific praise:
    Your classroom management has improved this year.
    I really like how you help struggling readers sound out words

    Support the teacher when they write up students; make students want to avoid getting to the point that they see you!

    Do not allow parents to insist x y and z must happen in their classroom-- other than obvious exceptions like "Jorge is being beaten up daily; it has to be stopped" or "The English teacher told me if Emily has an IEP she shouldn't be in an honors class and she won't honor the IEP".

    Do not require 10 page lesson plans for each lesson, that every teacher post the daily objective with the standard daily or other time wasters.

    Give teachers the resources they need first and fun extras-- expensive end of the year/Christmas/teacher appreciation week parties, free pizza for staff meetings, etc. come only if the supplies teachers need are there. I was furious when my principal had fun pizza parties often but then yelled at the staff like we were students for making too many photocopies.

    On 5/27/13, curious wrote:
    > What things can principals do to help build teachers'
    > confidence, especially for those teachers who already have
    > a lack of confidence?

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