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    Posted by: anon on 6/24/13
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    A lot of time jobs are posted by public entities because they are required
    to, but these jobs are more often not promotional or filled from within.

    I know my old school district allowed transfers to bid on jobs right up
    until the first day of school. The only jobs available to outsiders were
    either temporary jobs or jobs nobody wanted, the latter available only
    after the school year started.

    On 6/22/13, MacQ wrote:
    > On 6/21/13, So that really happens then??? wrote:
    >> I have driven up to 5 hours and paid for a hotel room for an
    >> interview, and it's very possible the principal knew who they were
    >> going to hire anyway and I was just there as an "interview quota"
    >> they have to get in, then get a call the next day saying they filled
    >> the position with someone else (who is the person they KNEW they
    >> were going to hire anyway?) Is this how it works?
    > Of course this practice happens. Maybe not all the time and
    > everywhere, but it does happen. Happens in state and federal jobs as
    > well.
    > I've been on a few interviews (as a teacher) where I suspected that it
    > was happening.

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