Re: Were you overwhelmed at how much you didn't know?
    Posted by: lca on 7/09/13
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    On 7/09/13, And did you fake it? wrote:

    > This is my first principal job. I have no AP and no

    > long-term AP experience in this particular

    > school district. In my first few days, the secretary isn't

    > there. While some notes were left to me, there were not a

    > lot. So, I'm wondering if when you started you were

    > overwhelmed by how much you didn't know and how you handled

    > that. How did you know what to do and what not to do right

    > away? How did you appear confident/competent without really

    > knowing what you were doing? Did you fake it until you made

    > it? What were the keys to your early successes?

    Find a mentor! A principal from another school in your
    district, a peer from your admin coursework or an instructor
    from your admin program. I have relied on all of the above and
    it helps. (Also this chatboard, but be aware that many of the
    posters are not administrators.)

    Also, ask teachers and other staff at your school, "how was
    this done before?", "what do you usually do?", "what did
    Mr./Ms. Former Principal do about this?" Don't automatically
    assume that everything should stay the same as before or even
    that what you're told is correct (some will not remember
    correctly, others will tell you want they wish had been true),
    but use it as part of your decision-making process. The other
    part is your own judgment, advice you are given, evidence you
    see, and experience which will grow as you go.

    Get used to saying "let me get back to you on that", and take
    time to seek advice and/or to think through your possible
    actions. And take notes so that you remember what you need to
    get back to! It can be helpful to carry a notepad even when
    making a restroom stop because you may be stopped with a
    question or request (or think of a question, idea, problem, or
    solution yourself) on your way there.

    Good luck!

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