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    Posted by: not sure if this is the "right" answer on 7/15/13
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    But, I would talk about referring them to the proper places to
    help them such as school guidance staff, school nurse, etc.

    It's really not the administrator's role to deal with
    something like this, and to me a person that responds with
    what they would personally do shows a micromanager who doesn't
    trust that they have a competent staff in place to do their

    So, I might answer something like: I'd ask them how they feel
    about that to get a feel for what kind of help they might be
    looking for. (Because if their answer is something like: "My
    whole family is so excited, and we're setting up a nursery in
    my mom and dad's house" the help needed is quite different
    than "I haven't told anyone and my parents are going to kill
    me when they find out".)

    Then, based on what they said I might let them know that help
    and services are available. I'd let them know that the
    guidance/nurse staff have lots of resources that could be of
    use to them, and help them set up a time to meet with the
    guidance/nurse staff so that they can become familiar with the
    support service that are available to them. And, I'd offer an
    open door for them to come to me for further help anytime they
    need more support.

    7/12/13, Claire wrote:

    > I am trying to get a job as an administrator in a school

    > and do very well at getting to interview but have yet to

    > receive a "you have been successful" result. I tend to

    > struggle on questions such as "if a student told you they

    > were pregnant, what would you do?" does anyone have any

    > advice on how to answer this and if there are any other

    > scenarios I can consider as I have another interview next

    > week. Thanks in advance :-)

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