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    Posted by: Other Options on 7/20/13
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    It is important for the faculty to also perhaps have a dress code,
    too, to be appropriate models for the students.

    > On 7/19/13, Mr. Pulino wrote:
    >> I currently teach at a school in Meriden, CT without a
    >> school uniform policy per Board of Education policy. I was
    >> wondering what the members on think abou this
    >> issue.
    > Do you have a dress code?
    > We have no uniform, just a dress code which outlines things
    > such as gang attire, revealing clothing, inappropriate logos
    > or messages, etc.
    > I am at the high school level. What grade levels are you and
    > do other schools near your community have uniforms? Do you
    > currently have problems with inappropriate dress? What is the
    > community attitude towards the dress code and school uniforms?
    > These factors might influence what is right for your school.

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