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    Posted by: Whistler on 8/09/13
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    And may I also put in a plug for other performing arts:
    vocal, instrumental, and dramatic arts. There is quite a bit
    of research supporting rigorous instrumental music programs.
    As an artist, former music teacher, and classroom teacher, my
    words to live by are these: "Art is the glue that hold
    knowledge together and give it meaning."

    On 8/07/13, recently retired Super wrote:
    > Hello, I retired two years ago from the DOE. I would like
    > to let all new Admin who read this that the best way to
    > raise test scores in your school is to implement a good
    > Visual Arts program. Find the funding. When I was at my
    > school I turned a blind eye to all the research people put
    > in front of me stating that visual art helps with problem
    > solving, cognitive thinking ect.. It does work. NYC and
    > other schools need the arts now. Good luck at your new jobs
    > and for the record, when I was an Superintendent I loved
    > reading this site. There are a lot of thoughtful comments
    > on here. Good Luck in September.

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