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    Posted on 8/22/13
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    Thanks for nothing! All you administrators are alike!

    On 8/18/13, Mary wrote:

    > I am an elementary teacher who retired two years ago due to

    > a family illness. I want to return to teaching but realize

    > the competition is huge. I want to make myself more

    > marketable by getting additional certification in another

    > area. (I already have Reading certification, as well). I

    > was thinking about Special Education or English/Language

    > Arts. The number of courses needed are about the same.

    > Honestly, do I have a chance at being hired with one of

    > these certifications? Which do you think would make me a

    > more desirable candidate in a middle school? I will be

    > nearly 65 when I do receive this certification....will that

    > hinder my chance of being hired? Thank you for your advice.

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