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    Posted by: Joe on 8/28/13
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    I passed Teachscape over the summer. It definitely is brutal!
    The critical attributes on the rubrics are what I used the
    most on the test. To be honest, I second-guessed myself on
    half of my ratings. I found with the practice videos that my
    scores were lower than what they "really" should have been,
    and that affected my confidence on the actual test. Everyone
    I work with had the same experience. Luckily I passed it the
    first time. I hope I never have to do it again! LOL

    On 8/26/13, Liz wrote:
    > Well I passed stage 1. Teachscape is brutal! I am so literal
    > and spent so much time on test. Now I need to pass stage 2,
    > and am sick to my something. The videos seem subjective at
    > times. Any tips, or any others that have gone through this

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