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    Posted on 10/09/13
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    I read, with interest, a post a while back from a retired
    teacher who hoped to re-join the workforce. I am also in
    that boat. I'm not young (65) but have lots of energy and
    passion for my profession. I've continued to substitute
    regularly and have kept up with any changes that have taken
    place since my retirement a few years ago. I have good
    references and would probably interview well. I checked
    and triple checked with my retirement system and after I
    reach a certain age I can work anywhere, any place at restrictions. I will most likely be asked why
    I retired in the first place; telling the truth, that it
    was a mistake, may sound like I'm not able to make
    decisions. Also, at an interview should I approach the
    subject of age (the elephant in the room) or not. I guess
    I'd like to hear any suggestions or advice you might have.
    There's currently not an opening in my subject area but I
    anticipate one next year. Thanks very much.

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