Re: Students from other schools at dances.
    Posted by: lynne on 10/18/13
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    On 10/18/13, Joe wrote:

    > On 10/18/13, M.M.M. wrote:

    >> I am a new administrator, and I am curious to hear your

    >> reasoning. Do you allow student from other schools at your

    >> school dance? If not, can you give me some reasons why?


    >> Thanks!


    > We do at my school. We require students to submit the name of

    > the guest ahead of time along with parental contact

    > information to the faculty member running the particular

    > dance in case there are problems (we have never had a problem

    > with a guest). Our goal is for everyone to have fun,

    > especially at dances where dates are expected. If someone at

    > our school does not have a significant other at the school,

    > this can be a way for them to feel more comfortable having a

    > date. We just want to make the dances as fun as possible and

    > for all students to participate to the max

    We do the same as Joe. They can attend as guests of a student,
    but it has to be approved ahead of time, with parental approval
    and contact info.

    This way we know who everyone is and are able to contact parents
    should the need arise, whether or not they are our own students.

    It also allows us to make sure the guest hasn't been restricted
    from attending school activities for disciplinary reasons at
    his/her own school; we know who they are so we can check.

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