Re: ELA or Literacy Cert?
    Posted by: jo/ma on 11/03/13
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    Those certs are likely very specific to your state, so it's
    hard for an outsider to judge. I would investigate which is
    more preferred in your school district for the positions you
    are interested in. Does either one allow you to be a reading
    teacher or reading specialist, in case you want to go in
    another direction later on? I would think any ELA, Literacy,
    or Reading cert will help you tremendously in a K-5 elementary

    On 10/23/13, Kat_Kong wrote:

    > Hi,


    > I am in my 7th year of teaching K-5 resource room. I am

    > contemplating applying for a primary classroom position

    > over the next few years. I also have gifted, sped and gen

    > ed endorsements. If I were to add a certificate (hoping

    > that this will be useful both in the classroom and landing

    > a job)...ELA or Literacy?




    > Thanks!

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