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    Posted by: lynne on 10/26/13
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    Still puzzled... what is the criteria for these "select few" who are
    pulled out? In some cases students with intensive needs (reading,
    literacy, English language development) are pulled out to work on
    those skills. If their skills are low enough, they can be a priority
    over other areas. (For example, our ELL students at lower levels of
    proficiency may receive English language development instruction in
    place of some other types of instruction. We then have to have
    a "catch up plan" for them to fill in those gaps once their English
    proficiency has increased.)

    Regardless, the classroom teacher should be aware of the fact that
    these students are being pulled out of specials.

    Perhaps, because Lexia and AR are both computer-based, they feel
    that the computer class is a logical time since students are still
    using computer skills just in a different context. From your
    description it sounds as though they are missing very different
    types of computer skills though (not skills they're practicing with
    Lexia or AR tests). You need to make this clear, to the classroom
    teacher and/or principal. Ultimately, the teacher and/or admin need
    to make an informed decision (informed by your description of what
    is taught in the computer class) regarding whether the students need
    to be participating in your class or whether their computer-based
    language work and assessment need to take precedence over their
    keyboarding and Microsoft Office skills at this point. If they
    believe that the computer class is mostly playing games, you need
    to explain that this is not the case.

    My guess is that ultimately, these students need the skills they are
    gaining by their participation in the programs that use Lexia and
    AR, as well as the skills they'd gain from your keyboarding and
    Microsoft Office instruction. So the question is, should they get
    both right now by modifying their schedules to fit both in, or get
    one now and the other one later? That is the question that needs to
    be answered based on the students' needs.

    On 10/26/13, lisa wrote:

    > On 10/26/13, lynne wrote



    >> Only a select few are pulled out by the aide who was trained to

    > run reports for the classroom teachers. The classroom teachers,

    > most of the time, are not aware that they are missing specials. I

    > am the computer applications teacher. Time and time again I have

    > tried to explain to her that the students are missing skills

    > needed to complete projects not only for my class but for their

    > classroom teacher. She (and my new principal) came from a

    > building where the computer class was mainly playing games. My

    > program emphasis is proper keyboarding and Microsoft Office

    > (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher). Lisa



    >> I guess the questions would be: why are they taking AR tests

    >> or doing Lexia? Do other students not do them? It's not clear

    >> from your post why some students would miss specials to do

    >> this, while others would not.


    >> What other time(s) could they do them? How much time will

    >> they need? How often?

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