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    Posted by: what do I do? on 11/16/13
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    I teach high school special ed. Occasionally I am asked to

    cover another special ed. teacher's class during my prep

    when he has an IEP meeting. Both times I have covered his

    class, once he was showing "Life of Pi". There was no

    assignment with the movie, and it was the second day hewas

    showing it. (It is a pullout Language Arts class.) They

    had not read the novel that goes with the movie.

    About 2 weeks later, I was asked to cover the same class,

    and the movie "Tommy" was being shown (rock drama from the

    70's). The students were told by the teacher to write down

    examples of "symbolism" in the film. However none of the

    students were doing this just watching the movie. I wasn't

    able to figure out the symbolism because it was the 2ndday

    of the movie and I hadn't seen the beginning.

    Ok fast forward to yesterday, about 2 weeks after that. I

    popped into his room during the last 10 minutes to get a

    paper from a student I needed signed. I heard through the

    door and saw shades drawn that yet another movie was being

    shown. I walked in and saw it was a 1970's James Bond

    movie. I had a bit of conversation, the teacher told me it

    was one of his favorite movies.

    I am not seeing how these special education students are

    gaining valuable skills in reading and writing from these

    several days of Hollywood movies. It seems like he's just

    showing movies. I have almost all of the same students in

    my classroom for Math and I spend lots of time developing

    lesson plans. I really want these kids to progress in

    their skills in Math. I also teach special education

    Health class, and am also working my butt off for that

    class to make sure they gain the valuable knowledge needed

    to lead a healthy life.

    So..these kids are coming to my room, asking me why I don't

    show movies like this other Sp. Ed. teacher does. I have

    shown some educational health movies. I guess I'm feeling

    I really care about these students' learning and this

    teacher is just skating by showing movies all the time,
    not really teaching. These kids need to improve their
    skills in reading and writing desperately, that is the sad

    Is there a way to talk to administration about this to

    address this without being identified as the one who
    turned him in? I would like to support him because I really
    want these students to meet their IEP goals. I'm not seeing
    how watching "Tommy" and "James Bond 007" is going to help
    them learn to read and write.

    I know some are thinking "This is none of your business,
    stay out of it" but it is my business because many students
    in Sp. Ed. classes tend to be unmotivated. So they are
    thinking from this teacher that special ed. classes are
    just a joke where the teacher just shows movies all the
    time. They are coming to my classes with this same type of
    attitude, that the class just isn't important and they
    won't be held accountable for learning because it's just a
    resource room class. This teacher is just making a joke
    out of the special education program.

    What do I do?

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