Post: Writing Prompts for Feb. 1-8 by Jim Wayne
    Posted by: Kathleen on 2/01/14
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    Writing Prompts for February 1- 8 by James Wayne are posted
    online [hyperlink below].

    February sees the birth of jeans, a national park, the
    Supreme Court, and in Japan they’re throwing beans. And then
    a cow flew a plane…so be sure you don't miss any of this
    month's writing prompts!

    Here's a sample from this week's collection:

    February 4:
    Today is Setsubun (Bean Throwing Day) in Japan. To drive out
    evil spirits and prepare for spring, roasted beans are
    scattered around the house, temple, or shrine. While you
    scatter them, you chant, "Devils out, happiness in!” Then
    you collect one bean for every year of your age and eat it.
    So beans are good luck food in Japan. What is your good-luck
    food? Why do you think of that food as bringing good luck?

    Writing prompts for Feb. 1 - 8 by Jim Wayne - Be sure to share the link!

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