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    Posted by: Kathleen on 3/09/14
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    Writing prompts for the coming week are posted online!
    (Note: Gazette pages might sometimes be unavailable for a
    few minutes at a time while the webmaster tends to some
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    Here's just one of many writing prompts for specific days in
    March that will entertain and motivate students...and adults!

    Today is St. Urho Day in Finland. St. Urho didn't really
    exist, but was made up by a department store manager as an
    excuse to have a sale—and a party. It is said he chose today
    for his saint to get ahead of the Irish and St. Patrick's
    Day. He made up a story about St. Urho's holy chanting
    driving away the grasshoppers that threatened to ravage the
    wild grape vines of Finland. Since grapes have never grown
    wild in Finland, the story is way bogus. The Finns know it,
    but many of them celebrate the holiday anyway. A fake saint
    deserves some fake traditions to go with his holiday. Invent
    a tradition about how St. Urho's Day should be celebrated.

    Click below to find out when to celebrate St. Urho Day and
    to access dozens of additional prompts.

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