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    Posted by: lynne/ca on 3/29/14
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    On 3/09/14, Claire Gatti wrote:
    > I have a fairly big school PK-8 with 2 classes of each. Can
    > you recommend a program to produce schedules for 20
    > classrooms including specials? It is a nightmare each year
    > to create a schedule that works for everyone.

    A computer program is never going to produce a schedule
    that "works for everyone" - there are too many human factors
    involved, and in a large school, even a computer-produced
    schedule does still have conflicts that will have to be worked
    out by hand.
    Our student information program includes a feature that will
    alert us to schedule conflicts. (We are a high school with
    nearly a hundred classrooms and teachers, each with six
    classes daily, so this is a rather different situation from
    yours.) Even so, we do the initial master schedule by hand on
    a huge board in the office. By the time it gets into the
    student information system, we've already worked out a lot of
    the scheduling issues and ideally have kept the conflicts to a
    minimum. The best strategy I know of it is use the current
    year (or a previous year, if a previous year was better for
    some reason) as a starting point or "template". If you can
    replicate a similar schedule from year to year, you're less
    likely to have scheduling problems than you will if you start
    from scratch each time.

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