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    Posted by: Skeptic on 5/20/14
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    On 4/16/14, Dave wrote:
    > I am trying to create a culture of excellence among the
    students of my
    > school. My end-game is to motivate my students to
    aspire to achieve
    > more. We live in a culture of competition. Is it appropriate
    to rank the top
    > five students in Grades 6, 7, and 8? My feeling is that it
    is alright as it has
    > motivated some lower-ranked students to improve and
    receive the
    > distinction. I would like to hear others opinions on this
    and have a
    > dialogue. Thank you for your opinions and knowledge.

    How low were the students it motivated? It sounds as if
    they were already very good students.

    Which are you trying to do? A culture of excellence ( just
    academic excellence?) or a culture of competition?

    Excellence - true excellence - means that students learn
    for the value of learning - not because they are in some
    petty competition with each other. True excellence means
    students support each other and help each other to

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