Post: It's not what you say, it's WHEN you say it
    Posted by: Abby Connors in Teachers.Net Gazette on 4/24/14
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    If you teach young children, I have a stunningly simple,
    ridiculously easy positive –discipline technique that will
    change your life. Well, would you believe it’ll make your
    day a little bit easier? (Because if you’re like me, you’ll
    pounce on anything that promises to make your classroom even
    the itsy-bitsiest bit calmer.)

    For a couple of weeks during this very long winter, I found
    myself in somewhat of a slump. The children didn’t seem
    engaged, they were easily distracted, and they Never. Ever.
    Listened. I often felt like I was at a very noisy party to
    which I had not been invited. If I’d dressed up as SpongeBob
    and passed out pizza like Ellen DeGeneres at the Oscars, it
    wouldn’t have made any difference. Nothing could pry their
    attention away from their 24/7 talkathon.

    Then one day, as I was leaving a class (I teach music
    classes for preschool and kindergarten), I heard myself say,
    “So, next time we’re going to be better listeners, right?”
    Yes, yes they nodded. Suddenly it struck me...

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  • It's not what you say, it's WHEN you say it, 4/24/14, by Abby Connors in Teachers.Net Gazette.