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    Posted by: Sam on 5/03/14
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    On 4/28/14, Instructor Jessie wrote:
    > Does anyone have any tips for passing the CPACE? I'm
    > studying for the
    > June 12, 2014 date and I am feeling a little
    > Any suggestions,
    > websites or resources would be extremely useful!
    The lack of materials makes preparing for the CPACE
    exam very challenging, however, I did pass it. I gave up
    on studying content in preparing for the constructed
    responses and developed a heuristic for my responses.
    All my responses involved the following components:
    directly approach issue, collect data, analyze data, consult
    all stakeholders, create solution utilizing data and
    input/concerns of stakeholders.

    I used a similar pattern with the multiple choice questions,
    but studied utilizing a SLLA study guide I found on line.
    There were some questions about school/district finance. I
    wasn't sure what to expect given the massive change in
    school founding here in CA. However, the questions
    reflect the old model of funding involving categorical funds
    and revenue limits. Nothing on LCFF.

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