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    Posted by: KMC on 4/30/14
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    Every district has different requirements and job description
    for TOA. I have been a TOA and am currently in the process of
    hiring one.
    In our disctrict TOAs are a pipeline to school admin. We look
    for personnel with an interest in getting their admin
    credentials or are in that process already or even have them
    in place. The idea being that they will move into an AP
    position in the future. It might even be possible for a
    strong candidate to move right into a principalship, but not
    likely in my district.
    The move to a directorship, in my opinion, would hinge on the
    duties the TOA performed in that position. Say, they handled
    all of the data and assessment at the building level, they
    might qualify for a district-level data/assessment position.
    However, most TOAs are relegated to discipline, etc. In a
    scenario as this, they would not have the exposure to all of
    the facets of admin that might be required for a directorship
    (personnel decisions, for example). Again, my experiences
    will differ from others and I can not speak of your
    district's TOA philosophy.

    On 4/30/14, Darby wrote:
    > Are TOA jobs good in terms of getting into administration?
    > Can you be a TOA and jump the site admin to take a director

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