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    Posted by: 6-12 administrator on 6/01/14
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    Hi everyone,

    I am a 6-12 district administrator for my content area. In this role, I am the
    primary supervisor/evaluator for all of the teachers in my department in the
    middle and high schools. Last week, we had our last professional development
    day of the year. The main purpose of this day was for teachers to revise
    curriculum for their grade levels. I requested that all teachers submit their
    finalized documents for the first quarter, as well as copies of the summative
    assessments that they would be using in the fall.

    Because I work in two buildings, I split my time between both of them. (I worked
    with teachers in one building in the morning, and the other building in the
    afternoon.) The building administrators were there the entire day to oversee the
    process. Well, it appears that the teachers in the "morning" building did not
    accomplish too much after I left. In fact, what they shared with me looked no
    different than what I saw when I left around 11:30. The documents weren't even

    How should I handle this? What I requested was not unreasonable. I feel like they
    took advantage of a situation when they knew I was not in the building. (I am
    guessing that the principal or assistant principal was not checking in with them.)
    I already emailed each of the teachers and requested that they share with me any
    other work that they completed during the day. I have not received any
    responses yet, though. There has been a lack of accountability through the years
    in this building--teachers have been allowed to do whatever they wanted
    without any consequences. I am new in this role, and felt like I was making a
    difference, but now feel like I faced a huge setback.

    Any advice would definitely be appreciated! I want people to know that they are
    responsible for what I request they complete. I do not want to be in this situation


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