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    Posted on 7/16/14
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    I have some interview questions for a principal to answer.
    Would someone be kind enough to answer them for me? I need
    them for a graduate paper. The questions are below:

    1) What are the expectations of a teacher?

    2) What are the characteristics of an effective teacher?

    3) What do you look for when reviewing employment documents
    (e.g., résumés and letters of intent) and interviewing a

    4) Which ethical issues are most commonly experienced by
    teachers and how may they avoid or overcome them?

    5) What advice do you have for new teachers?

    6) What are school's biggest challenges in regards to
    students meeting assessment expectations?

    7) As the principal, how do you believe schools should be
    assessed and why?

    Again, any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you for
    all your help in this matter.

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