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    Posted by: Lernit on 9/28/14
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    On 9/15/14, Teachers.Net Gazette wrote:
    > A teacher with ADHD writes candidly about her past struggles
    > as a student, her current challenges as a teacher with ADHD,
    > and what she's learned about how to manage the effects of

    Thanks for this - I was beginning to wonder what was wrong
    with me and why I can't manage to get myself organised, when I
    have such great ideas and good intentions.

    I discovered, only this morning, that I must have ADHD as I
    have the complete list of symptoms, bar none, having devoured
    about 15 websites on the subject. I am 52. I am also a

    I was that child in class, staring into space, who "could do
    better if she focused" or handed in homework on time, or
    didn't keep forgetting / losing things. I remember one
    occasion when I was so engrossed in a book, I only looked up
    when the rest of the class started laughing at me, as they had
    moved on to a different activity.

    I am that mother/teacher with piles of paperwork - bills,
    correspondence, teaching resources - who takes on too much,
    forgets half of it and constantly loses track of time. I
    always say, "I'm a fly by the seat of my pants girl", which
    has its advantages, but makes teaching extremely stressful and
    sometimes feels completely overwhelming.

    Unfortunately, in the end, my issues cause people to think I'm
    flaky or don't pay enough attention. I canít count the number
    of times colleague say incredulously, ďDonít you rememberÖ?Ē
    My managers also think that I'm negative and a troublemaker,
    when I just get frustrated because I want things to change and
    improve faster. Yet top management say Iím a natural leader
    and talk like an inspector. Itís very demoralising.

    My long-term prospects don't feel very good. I do feel
    frustrated and confused sometimes. I've read the articles by
    people who tell you how to make lists, keep journals and make
    a life plan, and I get very motivated - until day 2 when I've
    forgotten about them! I'm just not sure what to do next...

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