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    Posted by: Christina DiGiacomo on 1/02/15
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    I enjoyed reading this post regarding effective praise. When I
    first began my teaching career, I was evaluated by my
    supervisor. During that evaluative process, he indicated to
    me that I not only need to give effective praise, but I need to
    give specific praise. Meaning, when a student does a "good
    job" it shouldn't just be that, it should be more than that.
    Students need to know what the specific good job was. I
    teach students with Autism and who are very low
    functioning. I can think of a specific example in my head
    regarding giving specific praise. A student who spends a
    majority of his day screaming is now quiet. Instead of saying
    "nice job being quiet", I simply point to the quiet symbol on
    his desk. This indicates that not I only I know that he did
    what I wanted him to do, but I know that he understands
    what I am communicating to him.

    On 10/04/14, Teachers.Net Gazette wrote:
    > The wrong kind of praise can be effective or a waste of
    > and counter-productive. Click below to learn the 6
    > of effective praise.

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