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    Posted by: 1administrator on 11/13/14
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    Most future administrators I know teach and get their
    Masters/Principal certification at the same time by going
    nights and online. My concern would be this: Why could this
    person not do as most others do? If you cannot handle the
    stress/pressure of teaching and going to school, I would
    question your ability to be a building principal. I'm not
    trying to be negative but I think these are some of the
    things that would be raised when you have to show a gap in
    your teaching experience. I finished my BS and never missed a
    semester. I taught as a new teacher and MA student at the
    same time. Sure it's tough but to be an administrator, you
    better be tough. Good luck!

    On 11/12/14, Perspective P wrote:
    > I really want to be an administrator. However, I know I
    will not be
    > able to give 100% to graduate school and 100% teaching. I'm
    > type that always gives 110%, so it worries me to have to do
    > teaching and school at the same time. Plus, even taking 1
    class a
    > semester with 2 to 3 in the summer will take me some time.
    I am
    > seriously considering taking some time off to go back to
    school. I
    > just don't know if that's a smart career move.
    > I know many places have you do a practicum and I know
    > usually do that at the school they work. Would they help me
    find a
    > school for practicum? I also know that some coursework even
    > before practicum may involve school involvement. Do you
    think I
    > could make this work? My dad is a superintendent, and I
    > worked with many of the administrators in my district, so I
    > between his connections and mine, I would have access to
    > Do you think it would be harder, easier, or about the same
    to get a
    > job after finishing graduate school, if I took a year off?
    If I could get
    > an administrative position, would schools be hesitant to
    hire me as
    > a teacher since they'd most likely know that I'm looking
    > administrative positions?
    > Financially, I think I can do this with all I have savings.
    It will be
    > tight, but I can do it. I'm just wondering if it is a smart
    career move?

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