Re: lunacy and leadership.
    Posted by: Curious on 2/07/15
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    On 1/31/15, lynne wrote:
    > On 1/31/15, Jennifer wrote:
    >> Any teacher can tell me:
    >> What is the relationship between lunacy and leadership?
    >> Thanks in advance.

    If you're interested in actual psychological disorders, there's
    an interesting book called A First-Rate Madness that
    contends that some of our greatest leaders suffered from
    psychological disorders. It even goes so far as saying that
    the effects of those disorders was actually the thing that
    made them great. There's Lincoln's depression and
    TedTurner's bipolar phases. He even talks of the limitations of
    those without any disorder as hindering their ability to lead.
    Very interesting book.

    I've also read articles on the internet about the link between
    success and narcissistic personality disorder, that such
    people are pushed by their insecurities to singlemindedly
    chase external success because of the emptiness inside.

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