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    Posted by: lynne on 2/07/15
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    On 2/07/15, Curious wrote:
    > What book about teachers' experiences did you get the most
    out of?

    More from my own experiences as a teacher, and experiences of
    teacher co-workers, friends who teach at other schools, etc.
    Professional books I've read do of course include teacher
    experiences, but my own experience teaching, and experience
    of others with whom I've had many education-related
    discussions, add up to far more than could be found in any
    The books, because of the fact that they deal with situations
    in other locations and therefore situations which may be
    outside local experience, supplement that. But if you are
    asking solely about teachers' experiences rather than
    educational theory or other types of professional reading, I
    can't say any one book in particular stands out, and
    certainly none stand out above actual experience.
    Beyond that it also depends on what you're looking for -
    elementary? secondary? regular ed? special ed? i.e. Freeman &
    Freeman are good about including interesting anecdotes from
    their own experiences and case studies regarding teaching ELL
    students at the secondary level, but that may not be what
    you're looking for.

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