Re: Why does the UFT always win arbitration hearings?
    Posted by: to: Espo on 2/18/15
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    On 2/15/15, Espo wrote:
    > Why do arbitrators always favor the uft over the DOE?
    > Seriously? -Espo

    An arbitrator does not decide based on favoritism -- in
    theory, that is. An arbitrator is supposed to be neutral.
    It's possible, though, that some arbitrators have a
    predisposition to be biased in favor of one of the sides.
    Does your question relate to an arbitrator for grievances or
    an arbitrator for Education Law 3020-a tenure trials?

    Any sophisticated arbitrator (and they are all attorneys)
    ought to realize that the DOE invariably supports a
    higher-level employee over a lower-level employee, and that,
    at times, supervisors go out of their way to intimidate
    supervisees. Principals and assistant principals are
    supported over teachers. Principals are supported over
    assistant principals. Superintendents and deputy
    superintendents are supported over principals, etc.

    That's the way labor relations works in a bureaucracy!

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