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    Posted by: lynne on 3/01/15
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    On 2/25/15, Amanda wrote:
    > Hello Everyone,
    > I'm currently completing my degree in education. I've been
    given the task to
    > interview an administrator, principal, or assistant
    principal. I've attempted to
    > do this locally, however I've not had much luck. I was
    hoping someone on this
    > message board could help me or point me in the right
    direction? There are six
    > questions I need answered and I could email them. I would
    greatly appreciate
    > any help or advice.
    > Thank you,
    > Amanda

    First of all, why have you not had much luck with doing this
    locally? It really is best to ask local admin, for several
    reasons, especially these two: you'll become familiar with
    the way things work in YOUR state and local districts (this
    does vary), and you'll make contacts in your local districts,
    which will be helpful down the road (for other future
    assignments in your coursework, as well as for job-seeking).
    Even if you're unable to meet with local admin in person due
    to scheduling issues, you might have success emailing them -
    many are likely to prefer to answer via email anyway since it
    allows them to do it on their own time. Send an email,
    mention that you are local, particularly any specific
    contacts you have with an local schools (i.e, you subbed
    there, you went to school their yourself, your kids go there,
    you know the particular person from your connection to XYZ
    former school where they used to work, whatever). If they
    recognize that you have a connection to their school and
    community (even a small one) they may be more likely to
    respond. Or, if you don't have any connection to the school
    but you know a teacher who works there, maybe write up an
    email that the teacher could forward to the admin ("could you
    help out my friend who is getting her degree...") Sometimes
    people are unwilling to respond to questions from a "random
    person" - there simply isn't time to respond to surveys from
    strangers on a regular basis - but if they know you have a
    connection to their school they may be more likely to see you
    as a future employee, co-worker, parent of a student, (etc)
    and reach out to you. I know that for myself, I often will
    not respond to an email from a stranger especially if I
    suspect they've sent that same email to many others hoping
    for just one response (basically like your post here) - I'll
    probably just think "someone else can take this one" and
    click delete. But if I see that the email was sent
    specifically to me because of some connection to me or my
    school or its staff or our community, I'll always respond.

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