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    Dr. Barbara Y. Wills

    Posted on 3/27/15
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    Two (2) Great AFS Opportunities for Staffers, Families and S
    tudents for Summer and Fall

    Take note that AFS-USA is offering $1,000 off on the 2015 Gl
    obal Prep Program to all eligible AFS Volunteers, their chil
    dren and grandchildren, as well as all former AFS host famil
    ies. ( You may have some in your school who can take advanta
    ge of this offer.)

    (Please, share this information with your staffers, friends,
    religious and civic affiliations and relatives, plus put on
    web sites and in bulletins and newsletters, plus make annou
    ncements on intercom. The Miss Tennky Area AFS Team will hav
    e a booth at Rivers and Spires April 14-16 in Clarksville, T
    N. Come by to view literature, meet our local exchange stude
    nts and their families, plus volunteers. Bring your question
    s about AFS-USA and its many programs.)

    1) Two Week AFS Global Prep Programs for this Summer and Mor
    e- Places Still Available

    What: Study Abroad on an AFS Global Prep Program for two wee
    ks this summer. There are numerous destinations in Europe an
    d South America. There are three (3) different types: scienc
    e technology and math, culture and languages and community s
    ervice. Thirteen (13) year olds may go on these programs.

    To Learn More: Go to and then sc
    roll down to the Global Prep Programs on the right, You may
    also contact Becky Heywood, AFS sending coordinator at AFSbe or 615-473-4389. You may also view the Miss
    Tennky Area AFS Team web site at

    2) Bring the World to Your Area- Host an AFS-USA Exchange S
    tudent this Fall

    What: Become a host family for one or two of the AFS-USA Exc
    hange Students who will be needing a host school and family
    this fall. There is now a large selection. Therefore, choosi
    ng early can ensure that you will be able to host.

    Where: In your home and local high school . Home schooled fa
    milies may host, but the AFSers must attend private or publi
    c local high schools.

    To Learn More: Go to and see the mini-bi
    os of the students who need fall placements, make applicatio
    n and/or contact Sandy Rich at or 865-617-0
    665. You will be amazed at their talents and interests, plus
    they are fully medically insured.

    Thanks for your support. Have an AFS (awesome, fantastic and
    stupendous) day.

    Dr. Barbara Y. Wills

    Miss Tennky Area AFS Team PR Chair
    931-378-7258 or 615-210-1552 cell
    (General Information about our local team.)
    The Miss Tennky Area AFS Volunteer Leadership Team host and
    send high school students and teachers on foreign exchange s
    tudy abroad programs and have successfully for the past 65 y
    ears. They now partner with 90 countries in different ways.
    Currently, there are many scholarships available for studyin
    g abroad, but all have deadlines. Hence, those interested in
    studying next year for a semester, year long, gap or summer
    on AFS-USA programs need to go to
    ad to apply and to see which scholarships are available. Bec
    ky Heywood serves as the team sending and volunteer coordina
    tor. She may be reached at and 615-473-
    4389. The team needs folks, who love people and working with
    many cultures to become registered volunteers, to support t
    he AFSers in the area and their host families. One may begin
    registration at Becky a
    lso serves as the volunteer coordinator.

    The team is always looking for wonderful families who would
    like to think outside the box and add a new member to their
    family. Why not take the opportunity to bring the world to t
    he Clarksville area and give your family, community and scho
    ol insights into new cultures by hosting an AFSer?. Families
    may make applications for the next year at any time by goin
    g to Contact Sandy Rich at srich@afsusa
    ,org and 865-617-0665 or Dr. Barbara Y. Wills at byw1010@aol
    .com and 931-378-7258. To view the team web site go to www.a


    AFS, a worldwide, nonprofit organization, has been leading i
    nternational high school student exchange for more than 6 5
    years.This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the original
    American Field Service Volunteer Ambulance Drivers who serve
    d in WWI and WWII. Each year AFS-USA sends more than 1,100
    US students abroad, provides approximately $3 million in sch
    olarship and financial aid and welcomes 2, 300+ internationa
    l high school students who come to study in US high schools
    and live with host families. More than 5,000 volunteers in t
    he USA make the work of AFS-USA possible. For more informati
    on, visit or call 1-800-AFS-INFO. The local
    Miss Tennky Area AFS Team web site is
    tennky/. The local Team is a member of the Clarksville Cham
    ber of Commerce and United Way.

    Dr. Barbara Y. Wills, NCC, LPC
    MIss Tennky Area AFS PR Chair

    Retired Professional Counselor Metro Nashville Public School

    AFS Global Educator 2000



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