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    Posted by: storrsb on 4/30/15
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    On 4/28/15, Tiffanyh wrote:
    > Hello Everyone,
    > Can you please assist me with a project I'm completing for
    > my doctoral program on generational perspectives in a
    > school setting. If you could be so kind to give your
    > thoughts on the following questions, I'd so appreciate it!!!
    > 1. What is your approximate age of your administrator (21-
    > 33 yrs, 32-50 yrs, or 51-69 yrs)
    > 2. What do you think are the most important
    > characteristics of an administrator?
    > 3. What do you think are the most important
    > characteristics of a teacher?
    > 4. What kind of conflict typically arises in your
    > organization?
    > 5. What do you feel attributes to the conflict in your
    > organization?
    > Thank you so much in advance!
    > Tiffany

    1. My administrator is between 32-50.

    2. The most important characteristic of a principal today is
    to be the instructional leader within the school. The days of
    sitting in one's office and handling discipline only is gone
    for principals. Any administrator in a school setting must be
    passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and trustworthy.
    Without these characteristics an administrator will not be as
    effective as they should be.

    3. Teachers need to be knowledgeable of their subject material
    and be passionate about their discipline. Teachers need to
    know their students and how they learn best and then plan
    their strategies and assessments around these learning styles.
    It is important that all teachers understand their students
    learn differently and adjust accordingly.

    4. Currently we are having a conflict over the zero/fifty
    rule. The question is whether or not a student that does
    nothing should receive a zero or fifty, since a fifty is still
    failing. There are strong feelings on both sides of the issue.

    5. The main reason this issue has not become a major conflict
    is because of the principal. She has allowed the staff to
    have insightful discussions about the issue and is genuinely
    interested in our input. When she makes her final decision
    the staff will be that much more invested in it because of the

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