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    Posted by: maybe... on 6/24/15
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    On 6/24/15, Mike wrote:
    > Our school district has an ID policy for all students 7-12.
    > In our middle school, past practice has been to assign
    > progressive discipline (warning, 20 minute detention, hour
    > detention, etc.) Board policy does not explicitly state
    > disciplinary measures, but rather, enforcement of the ID
    > policy. Any creative ideas for less punitive measures but
    > still enforcing ID policy?

    Assuming that "ID policy" means students must have or display
    their ID cards... and that disciplinary measures are for not
    having it with them or not displaying it:
    Make it an inconvenience for the students - ID card must be
    presented for certain activities and (depending on the
    activity) they either don't participate if they don't have
    it, or (if it's something like getting their lunch, that
    can't be taken away) they go to the back of the line or wait
    in a separate line or have to fill out a form with the
    information that would have been on the card (name and ID
    number or whatever), etc... approach it from the position
    that you really need the information that is on the card and
    make the lack of it have a direct, logical consequence for
    the students, even if it's just a small one. For our
    students, ID cards have a scannable code that has to be
    scanned as a way to sign in to certain activities... so the
    lack of the card has a real consequence, the need for the
    separate line being that the info has to be entered into the
    computer by hand and slows everyone else down, etc. So for
    them it's not a punishment, just an actual natural
    consequence, but it does have the effect you're looking
    for.... make the card useful enough, and they'll be
    inconvenienced when they don't have it.
    Or, give an incentive at random times to students who do
    have their ID cards with them, or use it in conjunction with
    existing incentives, i.e., "must have ID card to win", or the
    card is stamped or punched to indicate a reward for some
    positive action, and once the student has enough stamps or
    punches they earn a privilege. No card, no stamp or punch
    and no privilege. (Just make sure it isn't a stamp or punch
    that students can replicate on their own.)
    Neither of these ideas will completely solve the problem but
    if used along with some type of appropriate progressive
    discipline, it may help cut down on the issue.
    If it is an issue of being able to identify students for
    safety reasons, the "punitive" consequences you have in place
    seem appropriate as well.

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