Re: Lesson Plans for 4th Grade?
    Posted by: lynne on 7/27/15
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    On 7/25/15, Ms.Wynn wrote:
    > On 7/25/15, Jaia Wynn wrote:
    >> I am in need of lesson plans for my 4th grade class.
    > Does anyone know of
    >> some lesson plans I can use?
    >> Thanks you, with all appreciation.
    > Well what's your academic class??

    Are you taking an education course and need to submit a lesson
    plan? Or a new teacher looking for ideas? You will need to
    write your own plans, but there are many resources for ideas
    and actual plans online... you need to know (or decide on) a
    standard and objective of focus to start with. Then, look for
    ideas or existing lesson plans that focus on your chosen
    standard and objective. Tweak them to match the needs of your
    students and the expectations of your school. Start from your
    state's standards or Common Core standards and go from there.

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