Post: Parent refuses to sign suspension form
    Posted by: Corinthia Johnson on 7/31/15
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    This is an Parent contract and parent handbook issue.I think
    you need to look at your parent contract and parent
    handbook and if this issue is not written in it you should
    very quickly add it to your parent contract and handbook.
    I suggest you should have a line where parents must initial
    everything they have read and agree with prior to enrolling
    their child. There should also be a clause stipulating that
    after ever effort has been made to solve the problems/conce
    rns and after at least 3 meetings pertaining to this issue
    the director and teacher has the authority to suspend said
    child without the (parent signature). It's important to go
    over the contract and parent handbook WITH the parent while
    they are still rational and want to enroll their child. It
    is time consuming but professional and the parent(s)understa
    nd that you are professional and on top of center issues.
    Your parent contract and parent handbook should be up-dated
    every 6 months, because in the real world of child care some
    thing new always come up that you need to guard yourself,
    your business and your staff from. Good luck!!

    Corinthia Johnson
    Retired certified MSDE adjunct college child care instructor
    /trainer and child care consultant

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