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    On 8/17/15, Teachers.Net Gazette wrote:
    > When a teacher abdicates structuring a
    > is left to the student. - Harry K. Wong (Click below to
    > the article)

    I have to say that I was disappointed to see that this
    article is 15 years old. I was hoping for something new
    when I clicked on it. On the other hand, it's nice to be
    reminded of how much has changed in those 15 years. My
    first thought while reading the article (before I noticed
    the date) was that it did seem outdated!. The idea of
    letting students sit and talk or wander while taking roll
    is actually a startling one today; I haven't seen or heard
    of that happening in a classroom in a long time. Even if
    there's not a standard "do this when you arrive" routine,
    the procedure is usually to get kids started on something
    before taking roll. (The fact that it's done on the
    computer now probably helps; 15 years ago roll had to be
    done at the beginning of the class period because someone
    was going to come by and pick up the roll sheet near the
    beginning of class and it had to be done when they
    arrived... now it's computerized and just has to be
    submitted by the end of the period so there is less
    emphasis on taking roll "first thing" each period; it can
    be taken at any point in the period when kids are working

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