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    Posted by: Assistant Instructor on 10/02/15
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    Hey admins,
    I'm an assistant instructor for undergraduate design
    students. I am researching about teacher forums and
    how people like the experience. If you could answer
    these questions for me, it would really help.

    1)How often do you use this forum?
    2)How long did it take for you to find what you were
    looking for?
    3)How active is the community?
    4)Are the answers/discussions relevant?
    5)How is your overall experience? What do you value
    the most about coming here?
    6)Does the forum work for you the way you want?
    7)What doesn’t work for you?
    8)How often do you personal message/ direct
    message other teachers for information?
    9)Would you want to use a forum that was a virtual
    environment instead of a text based forum?


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