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    Posted by: Robin on 3/19/16
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    On 3/19/16, Devin wrote:

    > I need advice in to making my class room safer an for other

    > teachers too.

    > any ideas.....

    If your administration isn't taking care of this, your best

    bet is to express this to your next door

    neighbors/colleagues. Have a "safety pact" where you check in

    with each other frequently. As a sub for a large district in

    CA, several years ago I made quick friends with "military

    vets, tall big faculty, etc" just for this reason on each

    campus. Taking self defense classes helped a bit... Lastly,

    have 911 on speed dial, along with school campus police. God

    bless and good luck. I stayed because of the money, but as

    soon as I could I interviewed asap for ANY safer neighborhood.

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