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    Posted by: discipline... on 4/01/16
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    On 4/01/16, Odin wrote:
    > Have any of you dealt with disciplining a student with
    ODD? If they have a
    > 504/IEP and they are defiant or act out, it seems like it
    can always be
    > chalked up as behavior due to their condition, which
    makes it difficult
    > doing discipline. Any ideas?

    Discipline isn't always punishment, discipline is providing
    the structure and support needed to bring about appropriate

    Bringing about appropriate behavior sometimes takes small
    steps at a time.

    For an ODD child a large part of it may involve trying to
    avoid the situations that will lead to the student becoming

    Does the student have a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan)?

    Do teachers and staff have strategies to use? (i.e.,
    consistent routines, giving the student acceptable
    choices/alternatives, avoiding power struggles, addressing
    issues privately versus calling it out in front of the
    class, giving positive feedback, ignoring certain behaviors
    when appropriate, giving the student classroom
    responsibilities, providing a form of break or time-out for
    the student when necessary, etc.)

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