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    Posted by: each state is different, but... on 11/04/16
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    On 11/02/16, Lisa wrote:
    > Yes, I do teach a special. I was wondering, can a regular
    > ed teacher, legally, hold a student from my class as a
    > punishment or to do make-up work?

    Each state has different laws, and it probably also depends
    on what the special is - there may be laws about
    participation in your subject area, number of hours per
    week and so on. But it will be difficult for you to get a
    clear "yes" or "no" answer on a chatboard that includes so
    many different states/regions.
    Legal or not it doesn't sound like a very good choice of
    "punishment" or consequence to use regularly. Have you
    talked to the teacher? There may be a reason for doing it
    that way that you don't know of (which may or may not be
    considered a "good reason"). The teacher may also be
    unaware of your concerns if you have not talked to him/her.
    It's even possible that the teacher thinks he/she is doing
    you a favor by not sending you a student who has been
    misbehaving. I would start with that conversation and work
    towards something you both find acceptable. If that doesn't
    work or it has already been tried, ask your admin about the
    laws or school policy. (You might want to ask in any case,
    for your own future info, even if you resolve this
    particular issue with the teacher on your own.)

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