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    Posted by: lca on 11/19/16
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    On 11/06/16, HelenFitz Fitz wrote:
    > I am curious as to when, during the school year, do
    > and/or high school teachers conduct student course
    evaluations. We
    > have been in school 2 1/2 months. what factors determine
    when you
    > conduct those evaluations.

    What type of course evaluations are you talking about?
    Assessments of how well students have done in the course?
    Evaluation of the curriculum? Teacher evaluations? In
    either case, it depends on the local (district or state)
    schedule, so you're unlikely to find an answer on a
    chatboard. Ask locally: an administrator, a lead teacher,
    or a union rep.

    > Also, is there a search function on this forum, for
    topics other than
    > lesson plans?

    Try this link:

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