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    Posted by: lca on 3/21/17
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    Ideally, each teacher should have opportunities on as much
    as an equal basis as practical. One explanation I can think
    of for what you've described might be the nature of the
    conferences and the teachers being sent. Often we have
    funding for specific programs - migrant students, ESL,
    afterschool programs and so on - some of which is
    specifically designated for PD. Teachers who work within
    those programs usually do go to more conferences, but they
    are conferences specific to the programs in which they
    teach (and less relevant to teachers not in those
    programs). Another possibility is that some PD programs
    involve multiple sessions throughout the year, so once an
    individual teacher is signed up for it, that particular
    teacher goes several days scattered throughout the year to
    conferences which are all part of the same series. I don't
    know if either of those might be the case in your
    situation. Otherwise, just continue to let your principal
    know you are interested, and your turn should come up!

    On 3/19/17, Feeling Stifled wrote:
    > I've posted this on the Teacher Chatboard but then
    > I'd get the administrator perspective here. Sorry for the
    > repeat for those who look at both boards.
    > How do principals decide which teachers get to go to away
    > conferences? There are some teachers at my school who are
    > on their 4th trip and others have only been on one or for
    > some, none. Why are certain ones offered more
    > than others? They aren't necessarily the ones in
    > positions either. Although, I don't think even the ones
    > leadership positions should get all the opportunities. I
    > told my principal I'm interested in going. He knows I
    > to learn and soak up these kinds of things, yet for the
    > 3 to 4 years, he hasn't sent me to any PD or any
    > conferences. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong?
    > Any ideas on why the disparity

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