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    Posted by: my take on this on 7/01/13
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    What I have observed is that administrators want to keep their
    numbers low as far as referrals, suspensions, etc., so that they
    will look good to their superiors. So it is much easier to just
    write off the teacher than really deal with the serious behaviors;
    for example, the principal may tell the teacher, "You aren't
    teaching them to respect you," and ask the teacher, "Why are you
    letting them do that?" and writing "poor classroom management," on
    their observations, thus setting them up to be fired or
    nonrenewed, when there was nothing wrong with their classroom
    management; they were just assigned the most severely angry and
    defiant kids in the school. Another thing that happens is that
    there are helicopter parents who believe their kid can do no
    wrong. Some principals are too spineless to stand up to the
    parents, so they throw the teacher under the bus.
    The combination of disruptive students and lack of admin. support
    has caused many teachers to leave the profession.
    There has been research in the news recently about poor teacher
    preparation programs; I submit that some number of principals are
    poorly prepared as well. I even saw one administrator literally
    dance down the hall, gleefully singing, "I'm an administrator now!
    I don't have to worry about classroom management anymore!!"

    On 7/01/13, Trevor H. wrote:
    > At several of the schools that I have taught at lack of follow
    > through regarding discplince by administration was seen as a
    > major problem. From my experience what works best is when
    > there is a consistent discpline policy that is applied fairly
    > by all teachers and staff to all students. I have also found
    > that by recognizing positive student behaviors and quickly and
    > consistently redirecting negative behaviors has been very
    > succesful.
    > On 6/21/13, stressedteacher wrote:
    >> What are administrators reasons for not supporting teachers
    >> with discipline? I had several children with severe
    >> behavior problems last year but the principal acted like it
    >> was all my fault and I should be able to fix the children.
    >> I had one child who would arrive in the morning and start
    >> screaming at me as he walked in the door before he had even
    >> spent 5 minutes in my classroom. I also had students
    >> swearing at me. I certainly did not teach them those words
    >> so how is it my fault that their parents use these words in
    >> front of them? I had children who hit me and one who tried
    >> to throw a chair at me.

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