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    Posted by: anon on 7/04/13
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    How did the administration feel about you when you worked there?
    Were you treated as someone who was irreplaceable and the school
    couldn't function without you? Were you given stellar performance
    reviews? Or not so much?

    I think you would have the most insight into this yourself. If they
    call you for an interview, you know they see you as someone
    qualified for the position...but others might interview who they
    might feel meet the qualifications better. You say they have had
    problems retaining a teacher for the position, but you are also one
    of the teachers who left the position, so they may have worries you
    may not be completely committed to staying in the position, also.

    If you don't get a call for an interview, or you interview and
    another candidate gets the job, you know that they are taking
    a "pass" on you this time.

    So the answers to your question will be answered once the position
    is filled, either by you or someone else. It won't take long to
    fill the position, so you'll soon have your answer.

    On 6/30/13, To Admin wrote:

    > On 6/29/13, MacQ wrote:

    >> On 6/29/13, teacher wrote:

    >>> If you had an open teaching position would you prefer to

    >>> hire a teacher who resigned on good terms a year ago, or

    >>> would you prefer to hire a new teacher? What reasons would

    >>> you have for not rehiring someone?


    >> Sounds like you quit this district and are now looking to get

    >> rehired, correct?


    >> If you indeed left on good terms, it wouldn't factor into my

    >> decision. Mind you, if I knew of your history of performance

    >> (good or bad) that would be a factor.


    >> Main reason to not rehire -- there was a better candidate in

    >> the interview.


    > I resigned at the end of last school year to go back to school

    > for myself. I am actually trying to go back to my old position

    > at my last school. They have had trouble finding and retaining

    > someone for the spot and it is open again. Would you at least

    > interview/talk to the person if you knew them

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