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    Have you taken some time to consider if you might have any
    contacts within any of the school divisions in your area from any
    student teaching, previous teaching, volunteer work, community
    activities that you might revisit in a "network" strategy. It may
    also be advisable to have a trusted and honest friend in your
    field review your resume and cover letter as the previous poster
    recommended because sometimes an "outside" eye might just catch
    something - small mistakes, cliche like phrases.

    Also, is there anything that you could emphasize from your
    experiences to date that would catch a principal's eye in terms of
    discipline, positive mentoring of at-risk students, family
    involvement. I guess given the job market of today, I might
    suggest also looking casting your net wider than you may first
    anticipated in terms of commuting or looking at private,charter
    and/or parochial schools, too., in the area where you reside.

    On 7/11/13, ctadmin wrote:
    > Persistance and attention to detail. Read up on the district
    > you are applying to. Customize your cover letter for each
    > application -- read the job posting carefully and then
    > customize your letter so that you are applying for the
    > position that is posted. Far too often when I screen
    > applications I find "generic" cover letters. Make sure your
    > cover letter matches the position you are applying for. Far
    > too often I find cover letters waxing poetically about how
    > excited they are to become a part of the team at Jonesboro
    > Public Schools -- when my district is NOT Jonesboro! Make
    > sure your letters of recommendation are up to date and don't
    > contain the kiss of death phrase, "Please contact me for more
    > information on John Smith" rather than the phrase "I
    > recommend John Smith without reservation." Write down ever
    > question you can remember after each interview (in fact, I
    > recommend having a note pad open and when the question is
    > asked, scribbling a couple of key words to help you remember
    > the question), and then revisit the question after the
    > interview and thing through how you answered it and how you
    > could answer it better the next time.
    > I agree that it is hard to get that first post, and you will
    > have to apply many times before you land it, but eventually
    > you will be successful. If it is any consolation, I probably
    > applied to twice that many positions and went on about 50
    > interviews before I got my job.
    > Good luck

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