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    Posted by: Coach on 8/07/13
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    I am currently looking for a job. I recently finished up
    another 2 year stint in New Mexico. The state does not
    protect teachers at all and some (not all) administrators
    run rampant with this; as in take advantage of their
    authority over teachers.

    Anyway, I am having a hard time getting a job. I have
    interviewed well at several places, but nothing. In some
    cases it is because they can only offer me a coaching job.
    I believe that my qualifications are a hinderance (2
    masters degrees) and while I have experience. It is still
    on the underside of 10 years teaching and 5 years coaching.
    I have had success in both areas, not anything major like
    state recognition and titles, but success all the same.

    I am no longer employed due more to deep seated politics
    than my actual performance.

    How can I overcome?

    Thanks for your suggestions, Coach

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