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    Posted by: Other Options on 8/09/13
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    From your post it sounds like you have been let go at two jobs
    before the third year for qualifying for tenure approaches.
    While that is hard to take, it is happening a lot today so
    don't treat it as being fired in how you approach interviewing.
    Neither should you refer to "local politics." Better to just
    keep a frame of mind of still a very tight economy.

    Assuming that you have coaches at the high school level, which
    is a competitive venue, can you expand your job search down to
    the middle school level of school districts which have active
    team sports? Additionally, have you considered looking in
    other areas which are within commuting distance or to parochial
    and private schools in your area.

    If there is anyone you know a bit older who has both the
    teaching and coaching background, perhaps they could "coach"
    you on how to more strongly present the benefits of hiring one
    who can "teach and mentor" students which is so needed in
    today's world. If your coaching responsibilities has perhaps
    impacted your performance in the classroom as a teacher in any
    way, perhaps it is time to look for strictly a teaching job. I
    am not sure how you would transition, but somehow say the
    coaching was fine, but not something you want to pursue in
    future (at least within a school division setting).

    My only other thought is to look at the least desirable school
    districts or level or area of instruction in which you are
    certified in applying for a position. Also, you might just
    have to be willing to be a sub to get in the door - but
    indicate your ability to be a long-term one. Again not sure
    when this comes up - in an interview or just looking for a sub
    job in a good locality to get in the system.

    On 8/07/13, Coach wrote:
    > I am currently looking for a job. I recently finished up
    > another 2 year stint in New Mexico. The state does not
    > protect teachers at all and some (not all) administrators
    > run rampant with this; as in take advantage of their
    > authority over teachers.
    > Anyway, I am having a hard time getting a job. I have
    > interviewed well at several places, but nothing. In some
    > cases it is because they can only offer me a coaching job.
    > I believe that my qualifications are a hinderance (2
    > masters degrees) and while I have experience. It is still
    > on the underside of 10 years teaching and 5 years coaching.
    > I have had success in both areas, not anything major like
    > state recognition and titles, but success all the same.
    > I am no longer employed due more to deep seated politics
    > than my actual performance.
    > How can I overcome?
    > Thanks for your suggestions, Coach

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