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    MS teacher

    Posted on 8/20/13
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    I recently went on an interview and the principal did not
    know my name.

    This is how the principal greeted me:

    Principal: "Paula?" [not even close to my first name] Me:
    "No..."(I looked around for another candidate and was about
    to ask if there was another candidate that they were
    looking for). Principal: Looking confused Me: I said my
    first name. Principal: Still looking confused like “That’s
    not your name.” Me: I then said my first and last name.
    Principal: "Oh!" She made some incoherent remark, trying to
    explain her gaff. I believe she thought my last name was my
    first name. [FYI: my last does have a "p" and an "a" but is
    not Paula!] The principal then introduced herself and
    ushered me back to the interview room. The whole incident
    was awkward and embarrassing. I decided to pass on the job
    for several other reasons but I felt the interview got off
    to an odd start because the principal did not know my name
    and acted like I did not know my name either! Am I wrong in
    thinking that a principal should get a candidate’s name
    (either one) right? Thoughts?

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