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    Posted by: lynne on 8/23/13
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    On 8/20/13, MS teacher wrote:

    > I recently went on an interview and the principal did not

    > know my name.


    > This is how the principal greeted me:


    > Principal: "Paula?" [not even close to my first name] Me:

    > "No..."(I looked around for another candidate and was about

    > to ask if there was another candidate that they were

    > looking for). Principal: Looking confused Me: I said my

    > first name. Principal: Still looking confused like “That’s

    > not your name.” Me: I then said my first and last name.

    > Principal: "Oh!" She made some incoherent remark, trying to

    > explain her gaff. I believe she thought my last name was my

    > first name. [FYI: my last does have a "p" and an "a" but is

    > not Paula!] The principal then introduced herself and

    > ushered me back to the interview room. The whole incident

    > was awkward and embarrassing. I decided to pass on the job

    > for several other reasons but I felt the interview got off

    > to an odd start because the principal did not know my name

    > and acted like I did not know my name either! Am I wrong in

    > thinking that a principal should get a candidate’s name

    > (either one) right? Thoughts?

    Sure, she "should" get the name right, and she was probably
    embarrassed by it (I would have been). I'm not always great
    with names myself, although for an interview I would check the

    But remember that she was meeting you for the first time and
    that she's probably seen a lot of names that day. Just today I
    had a conversation with a guidance counselor in which he
    consistently referred to a student by the wrong name. It
    happens, especially in the beginning-of-year rush. It's not a
    good thing to do, but it's more a sign of humanity than one of
    incompetence. I'd be more concerned if she messed up details
    about qualifications and experience, "So tell me about your
    eight years working in bilingual education..." and that's not
    you! If/when she hires you, she'll learn your name.

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