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    Posted by: CTAdmin on 9/12/13
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    I don't think administrators have a "quota" of a certain
    number of people they must interview. Generally speaking we
    do a paper screen and select the best candidates "on paper"
    -- I will say that I generally narrow it down to between 6 and
    8 candidates, and each one has an equal shot at convincing me
    that he or she is the best candidate for the job.

    If you have had 7 interviews that tells me that you must look
    good on paper. You may, however, need work on your
    interviewing skills. Keep track of the kinds of questions
    you are asked and reflect on how you might improve your
    responses. After getting your "thanks for interviewing, but
    you weren't the successful candidate" letter or call, you
    might speak with the principal and ask how you could improve
    on your interview -- just to get an idea of what might have
    knocked you out of the running

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